OreFull Mineral Textures has rare Mineral Texture Atlases and Mineral exploration licences (Mining Tenements) for sale.

Geologist James Stewart has collected an amazing range of mineral specimens over a long career as an Exploration Geologist. He is now opening his collection to view via a series of detailed Atlases of Mineral Textures. Available as  field-ready atlases, deluxe coffee-table editions or high resolution digital images these atlases explore the geology of famous sites from discovery to completion. Some of the specimens shown are samples from ores now buried under metres of overburden.


  • Ore Deposit Histories
  • High Resolution images
  • Detailed Images and Maps
  • Full Geological Descriptions
  • Full Colour Leather-bound Book
  • Field-ready atlasses
  • Digital Image Packages

Status Key Complete In Progress Proposed
Volume Title Description Status Pages/Plates Flyer
52-6 "Lex" (Sitthichai Tamsukhin - Indhira Engineering and Trading Co. Managing Director) and Staff.Bangkok,Thailand."travel well Lex". 3/6
52-5 Long Koon Temple Changrai,Thailand 5.Our ( Lex and Kim) time at the Annual Water Festival. 2/8
52-4 Long Koon Temple Changrai,Thailand 4. 2/8
52-3 Long Koon Temple Changrai,Thailand 3. 2/8
52-2 Long Koon Temple Changrai,Thailand 2.The 8th Wonder of the World. 2/6
52-1 Long Koon Temple Changrai,Thailand. 2/6
51-8 Devasoria Creek and Railroad Squatters.Manila-Philippines. 2/12
51-7 Manila,Philippines-Devasoria Shopping 5. 2/8
51-6 Devasoria Shopping 4-Manila,Luzon. 2/8
51-5 Manila,Philippines-Devasoria Shopping 3. 2/8
51-4 Manila,Philippines, Devasoria Shopping 2. 2/6
51-3 Manila Bay Sunset near Devasoria. Philippines.The cheapest shopping in Asia,if you dare to go there. 2/6
51-2 The Most Ancient High Altitude Banawe Rice Terraces.Luzon,Philippines. 2/8
51-1 The Folk of Banawe Rice Terraces-the Philippines. 3/8
50-8 Woomera-Roxby Downs-Sunrise over the Intercept Hill IHAD 5 Cu-Au Diatreme. 1/4
50-7 Woomera-Roxby Downs-Sunrise over the Intercept Hill IHAD 5 Cu-Au Diatreme Discovery. 1/3
50-6 Woomera-Roxby Downs-"Sunsets-Sky Opal". 2/8
50-5 Woomera-Roxby Downs-"Sunsets-Going Home". 1/6
50-4 Woomera-Roxby Downs-"Sunsets-Spirit Trees". 2/7
50-3 Woomera-Roxby Downs-Desert Sunsets . 2/8
50-2 Woomera-Roxby Downs (South Australia) -Desert Sunsets -Spheres Colliding. 2/8
50-1 Woomera-Roxby Downs (South Australia) -Sturt Desert Peas. 8/40
48-9 North Queensland Epithermal-breccia Gold Deposit-LONE SISTER DRILL CORE. 1/3
48-8 North Queensland Epithermal Deposit-TWIN HILLS,Drummond Basin, Gold Deposit. 2/6
48-7-2 New Zealand Epithermal Deposits - MARTHA HILL 2 of 2.Hand Specimens. 2/8
48-7-1 New Zealand Epithermal Deposits - MARTHA HILL 1 of 2.Specimens donated by Rob Krcmarov. 2/8
48-6-2 New Zealand Epithermal Deposits - GOLDEN CROSS 2 of 2.Samples donated by Rob Krcmarov. 2/8
48-6-1 New Zealand Epithermal Deposits - GOLDEN CROSS 1 of 2.Samples donated by Geologist Rob Krcmarov. 3/8
48-5 North Queensland Epithermal Deposit, Drummond Basin,-LONE SISTER, Discovery Outcrops. 2/8
48-4 North Queensland Epithermal Deposit - Glen Eva. Sinter Zones. 2/8
48-4-3 North Queensland Epithermal Deposit - Glen Eva. Samples 3 of 3. 2/8
48-4-2 North Queensland Epithermal Deposit - Glen Eva. Samples 2 of 3. 1/9
48-4-1 North Queensland Epithermal Deposit - Glen Eva. Samples 1 of 3. 2/6
48-3 North Queensland Epithermal Deposit-Yandan East. 2/8
48-3-3 North Queensland Epithermal Deposit-Yandan.Discovery Outcrop Samples 3 of 3. 2/8
48-3-2 North Queensland Epithermal Deposit-Yandan.Discovery Outcrop Samples 2 of 3. 3/8
48-3-1 North Queensland Epithermal Deposit-Yandan.Discovery Outcrop Samples 1 of 3.As shown by WMC. 3/8
48-2b North Queensland Epithermal Deposit-WIRRALIE.Regional Magnetics and Resistivity . 3/5
48-2-3 North Queensland Epithermal Deposit-WIRRALIE. In Pit Ore 3 of 3. 2/8
48-2-2 North Queensland Epithermal Deposit-WIRRALIE. In Pit Ore 2 of 3. 2/9
48-2a North Queensland Epithermal Deposit-WIRRALIE. Final Ore face.As shown by Ross Mining Geologists Dr Greg Partington and James Patterson. 2/8
48-2-1 North Queensland Epithermal Deposit-WIRRALIE. Discovery outcrop specimens 1 of 3.As shown by ACM geologists. 2/8
48-1 North Queensland Epithermal Deposit- PAJINGO. Discovery outcrop specimens.As shown by the discoverer Ralph Porter. 4/8
47-1 Reno-Nevada-High Sulphidation Epithermal (HSE) Areas. 1/8
45-7 The LEPANTO Gold-Copper deposits,Luzon,Philippines - Porphyry Examples .Outcrop and FSE. 3/8
45-6-2 The LEPANTO Gold-Copper deposits,Luzon,Philippines - Hand Specimens of Lepanto LSE Victoria Orebody Veins 2 of 2. 2/9
45-6-1 The LEPANTO Gold-Copper deposits,Luzon,Philippines - Hand Specimens of Lepanto Low Sulphidation Epithermal Victoria Orebody Veins 1 of 2. 3/9
45-5-1 The LEPANTO Gold-Copper deposits,Luzon,Philippines -Hand Specimens of HSE 1 of 2. 2/8
45-5-2 The LEPANTO Gold-Copper deposits,Luzon,Philippines -Hand Specimens of Lepanto HSE 2 of 2. 3/10
45-4 The LEPANTO Gold-Copper deposits,Luzon,Philippines - Unmined Lepanto HSE Ledge on Village Road.With Tony Climie -Managing Director of Mindoro Mining. 2/8
45-3 The LEPANTO Gold-Copper deposits,Luzon,Philippines - Mankayan District Topography . 1/8
45-2-2 The LEPANTO Gold-Copper deposits,Luzon,Philippines - Outcropping Spanish Workings on the HSE 2 of 2 . 2/10
45-2 The LEPANTO Gold-Copper deposits,Luzon,Philippines - Outcropping Spanish Workings on the High Sulphidation Epithermal ledges 1 of 2 . 3/10
45-1 The LEPANTO Gold-Copper deposits,Luzon,Philippines - Regional and Mine Setting. 3/8
44-5 The Mt Porter Gold Deposit- the local Granite and Thermal Aureole. 3/9
44-4 Pine Creek Geosyncline ,Northern Territory, the Mt Porter Gold Deposit-Geophysics and Local Geology . 3/9
44-3 Pine Creek Geosyncline ,Northern Territory, the Mt Porter Gold Deposit- Arsenopyrite. 4/9
44-2 Pine Creek Geosyncline ,Northern Territory, the Mt Porter Gold Deposit- Introduction to the local Lithologies. 3/20
44-1 Architecture of the Pine Creek Geosyncline in the Proterozoic ,Northern Territory, and the Mt Porter Gold Deposit. 8/6
43-5 Blue Ant Fenton,West Pine Creek - Lithologies. 5/9
43-4 Blue Ant-Fenton,West Pine Creek-Progressive detail in geophysics. 2/9
43-3 Blue Ant Fenton,West Pine Creek-Northern Territory.Local Topography and detailed aeromagnetics. 1/8
43-2 Blue Ant Discovery Zone,West Pine Creek-Northern Territory-Surface Partial Leach Geochemistry. 6/9
43-1 Introduction to the Blue Ant -Fenton Goldfield,Northern Territory.Regional Setting. 1/1
42a Paddington Gold Mine,Kalgoorlie - "the early days",Setting,lithologies etc 1/12
41-3b Boorara Gold Deposit,Kalgoorlie- Drill Graphics BRD-10. 1/1
41-3a Boorara Gold Deposit,Kalgoorlie-Drill Graphics BRD-7. 1/1
41-2 Boorara Gold Deposit,Kalgoorlie-Setting. 8/8
41-1 Boorara Gold Deposit,Kalgoorlie-Logging drill core in totally altered and differentiated dolerites. Paddington Analogue. Leucoxene form and character. 5/9
40-31 Andamooka Location in South Australia and Raw Opal. 1/5
40-30 Andamooka Matrix Opal 6. 1/6
40-29 Andamooka Matrix Opal 5. 1/6
40-28 Andamooka Matrix Opal Slabs l. 1/6
40-27 Andamooka Matrix Opal 4. 1/6
40-26 Andamooka Matrix Opal 3. 1/6
40-25 Andamooka Matrix Opal 2. 1/6
40-24 Andamooka Matrix Opal 1. 1/6
40-23 Andamooka Matrix Opal-Geological Curiosity 3. 1/6
40-22 Andamooka Matrix Opal-Geological Curiosity 2. 1/5
40-21 Andamooka Matrix Opal-Geological Curiosity 1. 1/4
40-20 Andamooka Matrix Opal- "The First Settler Australia" -Carving in Raw Opal. 1/5
40-19 Andamooka Matrix Opal-"The First Settler USA"-Carving in Raw Opal. 1/5
40-18 Andamooka Matrix Opal-"The Miner" -Carving in Raw Opalised limestone. 1/4
40-17 Andamooka Matrix Opal-"The Crocodile" -Carving in Raw Opalised limestone. 1/5
40-16 Andamooka Matrix Opal-"King Stones 5". 1/12
40-15 Andamooka Matrix Opal-"King Stones 4". 1/12
40-14 Andamooka Matrix Opal-"King Stones 3". 1/12
40-13 Andamooka Matrix Opal-"King Stone 2". 1/12
40-12 Andamooka Matrix Opal-"King Stone 1". 1/12
40-11 Andamooka Matrix Opal-"The Heart". 1/4
40-10 Andamooka Matrix Opal-"The Blues".Originally (1950s -1970s) thrown away as rubbish but now keenly sought after. 1/12
40-9 Andamooka Matrix Opal-Showing Huge Opal Crystals. 1/12
40-8 Flyer 40-8 Andamooka Matrix Opal-Showing Bedding Control. 1/6
40-7-2 Andamooka Matrix Opal - Buttons 2. 1/12
40-7-1 Andamooka Matrix Opal Buttons 1 1/12
40-6 Andamooka Matrix Opal -"Matchhead" Style. 1/12
40-5 Andamooka Matrix Opal - "Pinhead " Style . 1/12
40-4 "Axehead" fashioned from raw Andamooka Matrix Opal.The Andamooka styled opals are unique for Australia and the world. 1/12
40-3 Andamooka Matrix Opal - Spearheads - Victor BUZZA Snr Discovery 2.All of these opals may be purchased. 1/12
Flyer 40-2 Andamooka Matrix Opal - Spearheads. No where else will you see such a diverse range of Andamooka Styled Opals. 1/12
Flyer 40-1 A rare collection of Opals from an abandoned Opal-field in South Australia - Andamooka Jelly Opal 1 of 31 Flyers - Victor BUZZA Snr Discovery. 1/15
40-1 Andamooka Jelly Opal - Victor BUZZA Snr Discovery. 0/0
39-6 The "SLEEPER",Nevada, Bonanza Gold Deposit Major some of the major Lithologies in Ore Zones. 5/20
39-5 The "SLEEPER",Nevada, Bonanza Gold Deposit = Modeled Ore Zones .Thanks to XCAL and Selena at Deltagold. 5/8
39-4-3 The "SLEEPER",Nevada, Bonanza Gold Deposit - Breccias and Stockworks 3 of 3. Much unfinished exploration. 5/20
39-4-2 The "SLEEPER",Nevada, Bonanza Gold Deposit - Breccias and Stockworks 2 of 3. So easy to find the lower grade diatreme breccias and stockworks rather than the ultra bonanza vein. 5/20
39-4-1 The "SLEEPER",Nevada, Bonanza Gold Deposit - Breccias and Stockworks 1 of 3. Surprises from the pit face. 5/20
39-3-3 The "SLEEPER" Bonanza Gold Deposit - High Grade Ores and Pit Face 3 of 3. 5/20
39-3-2 The "SLEEPER",Nevada, Bonanza Gold Deposit - High Grade Ores and Pit Face 2 of 3. Newer observations. 5/20
39-3-1 The "SLEEPER",Nevada, Bonanza Gold Deposit - High Grade Ores and Pit Face 1 of 3. 5/10
39-2 The "SLEEPER",Nevada, Bonanza Gold Deposit - Marginal or "Fringing" Indicators of the Sleeper System.Finding the bonanza lodes in a massive cluster of sulphidic diatremes. 5/30
39-1-2 The "SLEEPER",Nevada, Bonanza Gold Deposit - Regional Setting and Footprint 2 of 2.Large diatreme cluster. 5/20
39-1-1 The "SLEEPER",Nevada, Bonanza Gold Deposit - Regional Setting and Footprint 1 of 2.Buried under shallow pediment,with weak sub-cropping indicators and remaining targets.Compliments to Geologists Wood,Wynn Rowe,and Bob McCusker. 8/20
38-6 "Goldbanks"-Nevada-Mercury-Gold Hotspring - Lithologies - the Interface where bonanza gold veins intersect opalized sediment. 5/20
38-5-3 "Goldbanks"-Nevada-Mercury-Gold Hotspring - Lithologies 3 of 3. "Debri Breccia" and Mudstone Seal.Many thanks to Consultant Geologist Bob McCusker,Marcus Tomkinson , and Ron Stewart. 5/20
38-5-2 "Goldbanks"-Nevada- Lithologies 2 of 3. 3/20
38-5-1 "Goldbanks"-Nevada- Lithologies 1 of 3. 5/20
38-4-3 "Goldbanks"-Nevada-Mercury-Gold Hotspring Historical Mercury Workings - 3 of 3. 2/10
38-4-2 "Goldbanks"-Nevada-Mercury-Gold Hotspring Historical Mercury Workings - 2 of 3. 5/20
38-4-1 "Goldbanks"-Nevada- Historical Mercury Workings - 1 of 3. 5/20
38-3 "Goldbanks" Nevada - Bonanza Gold Veins at 400-500 ft depth. 8/20
38-2 "Goldbanks" Nevada - Mercury-Gold Hotspring Epithermals as the surface expression of a large underlying gold system -Setting-Location-Geophysics. 2/10
38-1 Mercury-Gold Hotspring Epithermals - Goldbanks ,Nevada,Ore Model. 8/20
37-3-3 Mercury-Gold.Pershing Valley,Nevada,Flyer3 of 3.Regional Brecciation-Silicification. 2/10
37-3-2 Mercury-Gold.Pershing Valley,Nevada, Flyer 2 of 3.Ore Samples. 2/10
37-3-1 Mercury-Gold.Pershing Valley,Nevada, 1 of 3.Old Workings. Many thanks to Geologist Bob McCusker of Denver. 2/10
37-2-3 "Silver Cloud" Mercury Hotspring Flyer 3 of 3 - Opal vs Chalcedony- hydrothermal tubes. 2/10
37-2-2 "Silver Cloud" Mercury Hotspring,Flyer 2 of 3 -Meta-Cinnabar. 4/10
37-2-1 "Silver Cloud",Nevada, Mercury Hotspring .Flyer 1 of 3 - Laminar Cinnabar. 2/10
37-1-3 The "Silver Cloud" Mercury Prospect Nevada,USA,3 of 3.Detailed Outcrop Textures.Historical Working Faces. 5/20
37-1-2 The "Silver Cloud" Mercury Hotspring Prospect Nevada,USA,2 of 3.Detailed Outcrop Textures. 5/20
37-1-1 The Silver Cloud Mercury Prospect Nevada,USA,1 of 3.Location,Regional Gold and Discovery Outcrop. 3/20
36-9 McLaughlin Gold Deposit - the original exploration strategy for its discovery.Strategy design,execution,decision points and success. 8/0
36-8 Regional Setting and Model of the McLaughlin 5 million oz gold Deposit,California. 5/10
36-7 McLaughlin,California,Hydrothermal Cinnabar. The site of historical mercury mining. The cinnabar crosscuts sinters,mudstone and volcanics. 5/10
36-6 McLaughlin Gold Deposit,California-Hydrothermal tubes--Geyser Pearls-Vein swarm ejecta. Common in non-fertile geysers and volcanic vents. 5/10
36-5 McLaughlin-California-In pit Host Rock Lithologies under the mercurial sinters which partly masked the gold mineralisation. 10/28
36-4 Classic Hotspring Gold-Hg-Sb - McLaughlin-North Pit Epithermal Vein Character.Different to the Discovery adits and south pit. 5/20
36-3 Mercury-Gold Hotspring Epithermals -McLaughlin,California-North Pit General. Serpentinite -adularised mudstone-stibnite-cinnabar-gold. 5/20
36-2-3 Mercury-Gold Hotspring Epithermals -McLaughlin High Grade Ore Veins 3 of 3 5/20
36-2-2 Mercury-Gold Hotspring Epithermals -McLaughlin-Ultra bonanza grade Ore Veins 2 of 3 of the "Core Sheeted Vein Zone" South Pit 1986. 5/20
36-2-1 Mercury-Gold Hotspring Epithermals -McLaughlin Ore Veins 1 of 3.Chalcedony-brown-blue-pink-honey.Accessory stibnite-cinnabar-high grade gold. 5/20
36-1-2 Mercury-Gold Hotspring Epithermals -Sinters of McLaughlin 2 of 2. Rare textures preserved above the 5 million oz gold deposit; - ripple terraces - roll-ups after organic reeds and branches - filamentous textures - desiccation cracks -stibnite mantled sinter fragments -silica filled jostled sinter laminae 5/20
36-1-1 Mercury-Gold Hotspring Epithermals -California-Sinters of McLaughlin 1 of 2 - Textures. Thanks due to Norm Lehrman ,Dean Enderlend ,Rob Krcmarov,and subsequent geologists (Tony Ransom). -- syn sedimentary and syn-hydrothermal NOT REPLACIVE. 2/10
35 The Unusual Sapphire-Ruby textures and currently fashionable yellow-orange gem varieties from Asia- the geological realities. - corundum - yellow-orange-red-mandarin varieties from Thailand-Myanmar-Madagascar.The ones that were disguarded in favour of classic blues etc. 5/20
34 The White Pine Copper- Silver Deposits of the Michigan-U.S.A- 100 mile long World Class Copper Belt. - organic black shale host of native copper-chalcocite etc. - footwall sandstone cross-sets with copper infill. - porosity controls and reduction interfaces at a megascale. 5/30
33 The Calumet Conglomerate Hosted Copper Deposits of the Michigan 100 mile long World Class Copper Belt. - regional "redrock" alteration. - metasomatic altered clast rims. - native copper in conglomerate-sandstone pore spaces. 5/20
32 Michigan Copper Belt - U.S.A. - native copper. - amygdale infill. - epidote -chlorite - zeolite alteration. -ankerite-calcite veining. - flow top breccias-hyaloclastites etc 7/20
31i Sphalerite-Classic Royal Spanish Examples.Gigantic collectors location. 5/20
31f Yellow Sphalerite crystal clusters in silicified quartzite - Newport. 1/5
31h Black Sphalerite from Broken Hill. Coarse grained ,iron rich and growth twinned (annealed). 3/10
31g2 Sphalerite Character at the Mt Isa Deposit Group 2 of 2. 5/30
31g1 Sphalerite Character at the Mt Isa Deposit 1 of 2. 5/20
31e Compare the Sphalerite Character at the Century Deposit and the nearby Silver King vein styled Deposits. 6/20
31d Sphalerite-Character from some diverse Australian Ore Deposits Elura -Trilogy- Woodlawn. 5/15
31c Sphalerite Character in many of the known Broken Hill Type ( BHT ) Deposits. 5/20
31b2 Sphalerite- the Pillara base metal MVT Deposit. 5/20
31b1 Sphalerite-Character from Australian Ore Deposits - Cadjebut. 5/10
31a Introduction to the Global Spectral Diversity of Sphalerite (zinc sulphide) in hand specimen and gem form. 2/30
30b The Mary Kathleen U- REE Deposit,Cloncurry-Queensland-in Corella Formation."Wisdom in Hindsight 2". A massive ,wide and vertical,metasomatised,multiple brecciated hydrothermal conduit.Mary Kathleen. Uranium ( allanite etc), chlorites , pyrrhotite ,garnets etc. 10/70
30a The Mary Kathleen U- REE Deposit,Cloncurry-Queensland. in Corella Formation.A "hindsight view"-post mining. Documentation of host rock progressing through transitional breccias. Converting sterile Corella limestone into a massive metasomatised,multiple brecciated hydrothermal conduit. 10/60
29 The Monarch Tin Deposit-NE Tasmania.Shallow alluvial reserves mined and equally large potential remaining.See Tin Dragon Website. -- known potential (alluvial channels and paleo-marine long shore drift potential resources.Synergies with the Clarence,Pioneer and Endurance Resources,as well as the western Fan target-never explored. -- possible gold, monazite , illmenite accessories. --for outright sale. --important shallow hardrock targets. 20/50
28 The Endurance Tin Deposit-NE Tasmania.Large alluvial reserves mined and equally large potential remaining.See Tin Dragon Website - 100% ownership. -- known potential and resources.Synergies with the Clarence,Pioneer and Monarch Resources. -- possible gold, monazite , illmenite,sapphire accessories.With free gravity recoverable cassiterite. --unencumbered for the first time in 154 years since discovery and for outright sale. 40/50
27 The Pioneer Tin Deposit-NE Tasmania.Large alluvial reserves mined and equally large potential.See Tin Dragon Website. -- known potential and resources -- environmentally clean -- possible gold, monazite , illmenite accessories. --unencumbered and for outright sale. -- join the rush for new cassiterite deposits 30/50
26e Doe Run-Missouri - Galenas. Natural Texture showing fractal crystals within one large crystal and crystallographic strain bands. 1/4
26d Introduction to Polish Mississippi Valley Type (MVT) Deposits.Dolomite-sphalerite-galena-marcasite. 2/8
26c Introduction - Doe Run Pb-Zn-Ag-Cu Deposit ,Missouri- U.S.A -Classic "MVT" Style. 10/20
26b The Pillara Pb-Zn-Ag Deposit in Western Australia.A classic Mississippi Valley Type Deposit (MVT)-Fault Breccia variant. Textures. 5/30
26a Introduction to the Cadjebut Pb-Zn-Ag Deposit in Western Australia.A classic Mississippi Valley Type Deposit (MVT).Textures. . 5/20
25 The Ernest Henry Cu-Au Deposit,Cloncurry-Queensland.Ores recovered during the Discovery Period.Another IOCG. 10/30
24 The Ernest Henry Cu-Au Deposit .Original Targeting,the overburden , the unusual "Marble Matrix Breccia" 5/15
23-4 The Greenmount Cu-Au-Co Deposit-Cloncurry. Another deposit proximal to the Staveley Formation. 10/30
23-3 Regional Porosity Potential of the Staveley Formation - Cloncurry - Degradation of the Calcilutites under the Greenmount Cu-Au-Co Deposit. 10/30
23-2 Introduction to the Regional Porosity Potential of the Staveley Formation - Cloncurry - Examples from Outcrop. 10/20
23-1 Introduction to the Staveley Formation at Cloncurry Queensland - Preserved Proterozoic Evaporitic Sediment Horizons.Textures. 10/50
22b Intercept Hill (Olympic Dam Nested Caldera Complex )- the Basement IOCD Discovery IHAD 5 . The paragenetic history of alteration plumes and multibrecciation events is illustrated. 100/150
22a The Tapley Hill Formation regional sedimentary unit containing Kupferschiefer analogue silver-copper (lead-zinc-cobalt) mineralisation . - tracked over an area of >20,000 sq.km - the bullseye basemetal anomaly over the New Intercept Hill-Emmie North Deep IOCG diatreme breccia discovery.1 billion years older than the Tapley Hill Mineralisation. 10/50
21b1 North Australian Zinc Belt - Hypogene Ore Samples.Mt Isa ,Century,MacArthur River,Hilton,George Fisher,Deep Copper. 10/50
21a North Australian Zinc Belt-Setting and Surface Expression of some deposits. 10/30
20 Mount Painter,South Australia.The Enigma. - U-REE-Fe (Au). - bedded breccias-"sinters". -potassic alteration. - breccia and matrix textures. - sedimentary granite. - diatremes and Maars. 10/50
19 Mount Elliot - Cloncurry,Queensland.Cu-Au filled megabreccias. 10/30
18 Escay Creek - British Columbia - a true Volcanogenic Massive Sulfide Deposit with a Twist. 20/50
17b Trilogy , Western Australia.A Proterozoic Ag-Pb-Zn and Cu-Au Deposit Details. 20/50
17a Trilogy.A Proterozoic Ag-Pb-Zn - Cu-Au Albany-Frazer Range Province.Mt Isa Age. 20/50
15f Original Exposures of the Other Deposit styles around the Telfer Anticline. Stockwork and other structural arrays. 20/20
15e Telfer - Western Australia : Examples of the visible gold in the Oxidized Zone of MVR and E-Reefs - Main Dome. 10/20
15d Telfer - Western Australia:The Hypogene MVR ore on the eastern limb of Main Dome. Documentation of the early drilling includes; -- protore of blue-white thinly bedded limestone and calcareous shale -- sulphide ore is essentially massive pyrite with; isolated quartz patches,upper contact of sulphidic ripple structures , blocky brittle fracturing of pyrite,and copper contents in pyrite averaging 6 percent. 20/40
15c The first supergene ore encountered in the MVR at Main Dome Pit 1-1985. Supergene ore was suitable for the oxide only mill at the time. Ores represented here comprise native copper,cuprite,malachite,crysocolla,chalcocite and remnants of hypogene pyrite. One peculiarity is the knobbly quartz material also present in the hypogene zone and also the oxide zone. 5/20
15b MVR Reefs of Telfer at grades of 12 to 22 grams per ton gold 20/50
15a Telfer- West Dome E-Reefs.Original Outcrops 10/20
14-1 Detailed mineralogy from drill core - "ore package host rocks"-Cosmo-Howley Gold Mine. 10/50
14g -LA-ICP-MS signatures of later generation arsenopyrite and why pyrite is not utilized. -the explorationist (hand specimen ) view of arsenopyrite mode,distribution and behavior at the 5 million oz Cosmo Howley Gold Mine 0/0
14h Pyrrhotite Horizons .Association with cherty and tourmalinite horizons and the highest grade gold deposits. 0/0
14f The host lithologies of the Pine Creek Gold deposit. See incredible details of the ore system from the explorationist viewpoint. How to recognise this style of deposit and predict probability of high endowment. Results of modern forensic analysis of the ore sulphides at mine, province and continental scale. 50/50
14e Ubiquitous cherty nodule beds associated with the gold deposits. Compare to the Tanami and Black Hills of Sth. Dakota 20/80
14d The distribution of distinct Tourmalinite horizons in the Koolpin and Mt Bonnie Formations over an area of at least 10,000 square kilometers.We present the facts and you interpret . 20/80
16b Timbarra Gold Deposit; -- stacked,zoned,highly fractionated ,magma chambers in a parasitic cupola. --gold is indigenous and locked to the normative mineralogy and weathered equivalents (being K-feldspar,honey colored quartz phenocrysts and even in fluid inclusions). --the gold sites are extremely difficult to find ( however,SEM specialist and PhD Student) confirmed ,conclusively ,the gold sites). --"granite"-adamellite "facies" mapped and logged . 10/20
14a The Geological Formations in and around the majority of gold deposits from the 1.8Ma sediments through to the Cambrian unconformity that blankets about 75% of the gold terrain. 0/0
14c 0/0
14b Atlas 14b will use field and drill core samples to illustrate the range of gold mineralisation deposits found in the Pine Creek Goldfield of the Northern Territory -Australia. 50/120
16a Indigenous gold trapped in "granite" carapace or "sheet". 0/0
13 Examine the evidence for a distal skarn-like formation, the paragenetic sequence of minerals and superb alteration fronts commencing with bedded dolomite. 50/100
12 The Alpine Type Chromitites at Baryulgil. A dismembered Ophiolite sequence or something else? 50/20
11 This atlas shows the Homestake Deposit in Lead, South Dakota from the exploration geologist’s view and includes maps, high resolution images of ore samples and a full discussion of the local and regional geology of the ore body. 150/70
10 Detailed Textures of a classic Wrigglite Deposit from the Type Area representing Diffusion-Replacement Metasomatism . 100/50
9 This atlas exposes the Sheahan Grants Deposit in N.S.W., a Battle Mountain Styled Distal Skarn 20/50
8 A beautiful atlas highlighting the early years of the extraordinary Deflector Gullewa Au-Cu deposit. 300/200


Tenements are Exploration Licences that permit the owner to explore and develop mineral deposits in the licenced area.

The tenements here are focussed on gold and copper deposits. They were mapped and licenced by experienced exploration geologist Jim Stewart whose remarkable history of successful ore finding is listed in our “About” page. Jim has also shared some of his amazing, gorgeous and rare images shot during more than twenty years of exploring remote Australia, New Guinea and Irian Jaya.

Tenements are available with the following commodities:

  • Gold(1)
  • Copper(1)
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Copper Gold
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